Yesterday’s recap: I was reading The Lovely Bones yesterday on the streetcar westbound after a meeting downtown. There is plenty in the book to make you weep. I teeter on the brink of having to put it down sometimes.  But I came to this passage in the book and it was the first time I actually smiled while reading it.

Buckley drew back and stared at my father’s creased face, the fine bright spots of tears at the corners of his eyes. He nodded seriously and kissed my father’s cheek. Something so divine that no one up in heaven could have made it up; the care a child took with an adult.

The little brother in this book reminds me quite a bit of my own little brother. If ever I had to pick an image to associate with him – no matter at what age – the photo above is it. He was just 3 years old, all giggles, little hands, mushroom haircut. Absolute perfection as far as children go.

I was 11 – the big sister. Who let him blast the music on my stereo (of course, we later discovered he did this because he is deaf and was just trying to “feel” the music). Who let him scratch up my INXS cd when he attempted to play it on the turntable (well I didn’t knowingly allow this to happen). Who picked him up and carried him around when we went grocery shopping with dad. Who loved to tickle him so that he would giggle because he had the most infectious and adorable laugh. He was just so little and yet could make such big gestures not unlike the one Buckley makes. But always with such care. It makes me smile to think about it.

Back to today: Smiling is definitely part of the plan today. It is raining and I am terribly enticed to go for a stroll. I have to run errands anyway so it seems like the perfect plan. I also have Melissa coming over this afternoon plus three major tasks to get off my plate. I have finished the iP Blackboard for April so that has to get up on AMPHiB LiB. And other than that, I am preparing myself for a busy weekend of equal work and play.


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