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Recap: Grocery shopping. Birthday partying. Training. Baking. Working. Calling. Laundry. Emailing. Meeting. Yogaing. That’s basically what I have been up over the last 48 hours.

Yesterday afternoon ROCKED. I had a really energizing meeting at TIG. Then I walked my little self down to the Moksha Studio on Wellington for a HOT flow class. I usually go for the regular moksha class so this was a bit of a change. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing for the first 5 minutes but eventually I got the FLOW part. There is this amazing moment I experience at the end of the class when I am in corpse pose – totally drenched – and a simultaneous wave of total exhaustion and total exhiliration comes over me. I wish I could bottle that feeling.

Before class, folks were chit-chatting in the lounge and a story surfaced – in a long-difficult-to-trace-back-kind-of-way. At any rate, someone was talking about Brad Lamb and how he is such a big shot who owns a rolls royce. This then illicited a comment from one of the teachers who said that Bikram (who started the discipline of hot yoga) owns 12 rolls royces – one in every colour. I didn’t get it. Why? I mean its one thing if you are a car collector but usually car collectors have a variety of cars. So is it about status? If so, that seems contrary to the whole yoga philosophy but who am I to talk. I am no yogini.

Today: I know the day is almost over but I still have so much work to do it’s not even funny. I have two workplans to get off my plate along with some mail to get out the door. I have two internal deadlines to meet this week. Plus Winnipeg Parent has invited another submission from the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership so I need to start writing. Never a dull moment.

The greatest news is the WEEKEND – which I am already lusting after. The Storytelling Festival is on and I will be attending for the first time. Serena Ryder is performing at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday evening and I GOT TICKETS! And then Sunday, Sanela and Brian are coming into Toronto from Hamilton again. If all goes well, we will be rock climbing at Joe Rockheads. Wicked!


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