Go bananas


Yesterday’s recap: It was a decent day if not totally lazy. Rainy, gloomy weather makes me want to stay in my pjs. Mike was hopping around like Tigger. He loves walks in the rain. Mostly, I do too but yesterday was just a really slothful day. I spent most of the day in front of my computer – getting organized, surfing online, squirming on the couch to find a comfortable position. I can’t think of what I actually accomplished yesterday. Bummer.

Back to today: Today started like most other days. It never fails. Every morning I walk into the kitchen – one that was left the night before in pretty decent condition (dirty dishes in dishwasher, sink rinsed out, counters wiped down) – only to be suprised by an unsurprising sight. It appears that a ghost visits our kitchen for a midnight snack and inevitably leaves his dirty dishes in the otherwise clean sink, splatter stains on the previously spotless stovetop and random bits of food (rice, bread crumbs, etc…) on the countertop that was once without. So every morning I get to wash dirty dishes, wipe down countertops and rinse out the sink before I make my breakfast. This morning was no different.

Before breakfast, I got some work done. Part of the beauty of having a time difference is that when it comes to getting my Winnipeg work done, I always have a leg up on everyone else. If I get work done by 9am EDT it is only 8am CDT – with an hour to spare before everyone else gets into the office. It’s like I have my own personal wormhole for time travel. Sweet.

I brought down some tunes to pass the time while I brewed coffee and made a high-protein meal. It was a lucky song shuffle today – Feist, Ani Difranco, Yael Naim, Serena Ryder, Death Cab for Cutie and The Guess Who. As I was making scrambled tofu – something I have been eating a lot of lately – I tried to figure out what the mystery smell is in our fridge. I don’t have a bloodhound’s sense of smell so it wasn’t a very successful attempt. I do have one suspect in mind but I refuse to go near it. I draw the line at throwing out someone else’s rotting food. While the coffee percolated I got the idea to bake banana cake. I need to try out vegan icing recipes for our wedding cake. Carmel, vanilla, chocolate ganache. So many options. Today seems as good a day as any.

Later on I have another training session with Melissa. Afterwards, I plan to write reports, draft financial statements and send out invoices. In a short two weeks I have to return to Winnipeg with receipts in hand and everything organized for my accountant. I have been dreading doing taxes. It’s so onerous. But tonight I might just take a stab at it. It seems like the perfect Monday activity – let’s get the hard stuff out of the way at the beginning of the week. Go bananas!


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