Dance a little

Yesterday’s recap:  A semi-productive day. Sorted out some wedding details. Reviewed comments from the About a Girl post. (Thanks Kal and Courtney for the really sweet sentiments!) Worked out. Nearly pulled something in the process but luckily, no harm done. Checked out a link posted by a commenter which got me all revved up about my Life List. (Go see for yourself.) Attended the Host a Newcomer orientation. Chose my program preferences – hosting English Conversation Circles and facilitating a networking group for immigrants considering self-employment. (It would appear that I know a little something about that.) Cooked a delicious dinner chock full of protein. (Kudos to me!) Watched my Thursday night trio of shows. And crashed. (Big time.)

Back to today: I have been a little selfish with my time lately. Just wanting to do my own thing. Not bother with other people’s timelines. But I guess it’s time to re-integrate myself into the rest of the working world. So…today I have a huge number of emails to respond to, documents to wrap up, agreements to draft, invoices to send 🙂 and bills to pay.  😦 It’s time to start SHARING again.

Saturday is going to totally ROCK. I am heading out for a Basic Boxing for Babes class tomorrow morn with Jen. And Saturday afternoon, the Book Club will be holding its first gathering – in what will soon be a very clean and dust-free environment. This house is in bad need of a spring CLEAN. Holy mother! The dust bunnies are procreating at a rapid rate. There is grime on the windows and dirt hanging out in the corners. Today, it is my job to send them all packing. While I dance a little to The Submarines.


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