Relationship politics


Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. ~ Dr. Seuss

Yesterday’s recap: Sergio and I met up yesterday morning to chat more about our little project idea. I have noticed in my WISE old age, that when starting a new work relationship, there is a certain learning curve. There may already be trust and a connection with one another but there is still a period of figuring out those individual characteristics that will ultimately colour and shape the way we work together.

My whole life has been a series of quick steps, calculated decisions and immediate actions. I am results-oriented. However, thanks to a reality check here and there and a swift kick to the ass, I grew to appreciate the process. Working with someone who really wants to enjoy the process will definitely require me to stretch under-used muscles. Likewise, I am sure there will be much learning to come from my need to identify goals and define success as we work through things.

It seems like the whole day was about lessons in relationship politics.

Last night, I gained a whole whack of new insights on the subject. What happens when you agree on the fundamental “what” – the goal or eventual outcome you wish to achieve – but not on the “how” – the process that will actually take you to the desired outcome? If I take path A to get to C and you take path B to get to C, what does that mean in the context of a relationship? I guess it all depends on how far from one another your respective paths take you. Something to think about…

Back to today: I am going to try and stay away from any kind of politics. Just for today. This evening I head off to Woodgreen Community Services for a volunteer orientation for their Host a Newcomer program. But before that, I have some homework to do. Go Thursday!


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