The coming of spring


Yesterday’s recap: I spent a lot of time on prep work. For the house. For my office. For the fridge. For new contracts. For work in progress. For my own self-projects. I took a few moments to smell the roses…or in this case, buy some TULIPS. I read. I cooked. I brainstormed. It was CALM.

Which was the perfect contrast to the RAGE my face is currently articulating. I’m still struggling with this terrible skin irritation courtesy of a trip to the dentist on Monday. I am trying to track down what on earth I had the reaction to but am really just wanting to get over this already. My skin is red, itchy, dry and BURNING. The worst part of it is that it is my face. In other words, it’s really OBVIOUS. Please oh please GO AWAY raging red skin.

Back to today: It was a lazy morning. I have so much to do but it seems I’m just now catching up on all the sleep deprivation and go-go-go momentum built up over the past few weeks.


It is an extremely beautiful pre-SPRING day here in Toronto. The tulips are happily exposing themselves to the sunlight shining in. The birds, satisfied to be getting it on again, are sharing their expression through song. People can plop a slice of LIME into their water glass without it seeming out of place. It’s a little too early to blast Jack Johnson while stretched out on the balcony. But it is the perfect time for New Buffalo and Matt Pond PA. So here goes!


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