Tea + cozy


Yesterday’s recap: Busy day. What else is new. Lots of meetings for the Partnership and WIN Phase II. That equaled a lot of running around. The highlight of my day was quite frankly having enough down time to watch Night at the Museum. I also got my haircut. Cool. But I also had an allergic reaction to something which has resulted in blotchy, dry skin all around my lips. Not so cool.

I found the above photo during my online travels. It is from a site called Alvhem and epitomizes the concept of a “cozy spot”. I love it!


Back to today: This morning we are drinking Okuma ooooolong tea. 🙂 High in antioxidants and caffeine. Revs up the metabolism. Burns calories. I am trying to put in a good effort. We’ll see what happens in 30 days time.

There is lots to get accomplished today before I leave for Toronto this evening. Running. Packing. Baking Lassie’s birthday muffin. A trip to Assiniboine Credit Union to get my brother set up with a new savings account. Chauffeuring my brother to Reaching E-Quality Employment Services to book an appointment. Packing. Follow-up on the Playing It Safe Workshops. Book keeping. Packing.

It’s going to be a bit intense today so I’m gonna need some Nina Simone to get me through it. Love her! Next post will be from Toronto. Take it away, Nina!


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