Playing it safe


The last four days:  Wednesday was a total gong show. Disaster. With a CAPITAL D. I kept trying to remind myself all day that it isn’t all about ME. But it was hard. I won’t go into detail (no need to relive it!). I shifted gears late Wednesday night – still achy from my yoga class the night before – to set up the venue for the Partnership’s workshops. The events that took place over the course of the last four days have set in motion a whole wealth of new possibilities in my work with the Partnership and in my self and professional development.

The Playing It Safe Workshops were held at Studios in the Exchange. It took months of planning but I was glad to be  finally “in it”. We had a very diverse group of early childcare educators, inclusion specialists, child care directors, public servants, health promotion practitioners, and immigrant service providers…just to name a few. Our network has grown both in size and capacity.

The STAR of the past few days was certainly Myriam. She is the Health Promotion Coordinator for the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment (CPCHE) and was our workshop facilitator. We went out for Greek food at Kristina’s on Corydon on Thursday night. I got to learn about her life and evolution toward working for CPCHE. She is so lovely and I am quite honoured to have worked with her. I hope we can bring her back to Winnipeg again. I am looking forward to connecting with her in Toronto at the end of March.


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