A long-overdue open letter to an adjective.


How have you been? You and I were seemingly inseparable about ten years ago. Amazing how much can change in a decade. You know, I still hang out with  INDEPENDENT and DETERMINED. We are like three peas in a pod. And LOYAL and KIND are truly kindred spirits. I have made other friends in recent years: INNOVATIVE, ADVENTUROUS, INSIGTHFUL and yes, even RESPONSIBLE. These lovely ladies have helped me to create new dreams and achieve them!

You must know that you played an important role in my formative years. You helped me to challenge the status quo and dream so much bigger than anyone else. But here’s the thing: these days you are sometimes downright EXTREME, CONTRARY and DIFFICULT. And while I have nothing against those guys, why would you want to be like THEM and not YOU? Then ANXIOUS and FRUSTRATED come around and it just turns into a bad scene. I say this only out of concern for you and someone else who is very important to me. These days you seem to be really tight with my little brother – who as you know used to spend his time with PATIENT, GOOD-NATURED, CONSIDERATE, RESPECTFUL and EASY-GOING. It used to be that not a thing could change his heart. (We should all be so LUCKY.)  I am trying not to be JUDGEMENTAL but seriously what happened to you? You used to be so COOL. Maybe this is just a phase – which possibly we all go through.

RADICAL, I hope you realize that you are pretty FANTASTIC – just as you are – and you don’t need to change who you are to suit someone else. I hope you will soon understand that and help my little brother to understand it too.

Your friend,



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