Yesterday’s recap:  I attended the Reaching for E-Quality Employment Services Celebrating the Stars 20th anniversary celebration last night. Options for Success Inc. was a Ruby Sponsor of the event which was held at the Norwood Hotel. The evening was hilarious. I never realized how amusing Laurie Mustard is. His off-colour jokes and hair humour was actually perfect for the audience he was playing to. This event that REES coordinated is designed to recognize and celebrate REES clients and participating employers who have broken down barriers either for themselves or for others.

My parents, brother and I sat at one of the tables at the front. Ideal if you are deaf because you can see the interpreter quite well. Not so ideal if you are hearing because they placed the speakers right in front of our table and the music performed by Blues Earth was incredibly loud – although I should say, very good. Funny that out of two children, I was the one born with my ear drums too close to the surface (i.e. very sensitive to sounds) and my brother ended up with a 90% hearing loss.

Over the course of the dinner, the witty banter between Laurie Mustard and Member of Parliament Steven Fletcher was quite entertaining. I think a nerve was struck with Laurie when Glen Murray’s name was mentioned (former and quite beloved mayor of Winnipeg) in a not-so-flattering way by Steven. At any rate, Steven  shared some of his personal experiences in challenging stereotypes. And he made a point in his opening remarks that I am certain was lost on no one. If the Prime Minister could accomodate him in having his aides attend Cabinet meetings – perhaps the most confidential and security-sensitive of all government activities – any employer should be able to accomodate a disabled employee in their workplace.

We ended the night with a draw for the silent auction items. My mom had bought a whole bunch of tickets and bid on a number of baskets. The problem was she couldn’t remember what she had bid on. So even when she won, we didn’t know what it was until the basket was picked up at the end of the evening. It turned out to be a membership to the Winnipeg Art Gallery and a bunch of coffee table books including Subconscious City which I will share more on later.) I will say this: she knew for a fact she hadn’t bid on the Manitoba Moose hockey tickets and sports memorabilia basket which she loudly shared with the rest of the table. My dad, on the other hand, was disappointed not to have won the Via Rail trip to Jasper but since he didn’t bid on it, I couldn’t see why. What funny people!

Back to today: Today was exhausting. It has been another long week (despite the holiday Monday).  This weekend is a good one to shine. So in honour of that, I have chosen a song for all the stars out there.



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