Puppy chow


Earlier today:  Isn’t it wonderful when you can roll out of bed on a Sunday without a care in the world? I did just that this morning. Ahhh. Lovely. It has been a day of fun and games. We have been playing with lots of new gadgets. My boomer parents have begun to discover the range of fun that new technology can offer. iPod touch. NintendoDS. What I love about them though is that nothing is purely a “toy”. For example, the DS is so that they can – on a daily basis – increase their brain activity,  by playing the memory, math, and word games on Brain Age. And the iPods are so that they can keep themselves motivated while jogging/running as part of their fitness routine. Typical of their generation – everything must have a purpose.

This afternoon my brother Khorie and I had our LONG overdue Heart2Heart session. He is an amazing artist – the likes I have never seen – and I was so pleased that could make time for this FINALLY. He mostly draws so this was still a departure for him. He is not quite done yet. I will unveil our paintings early next week.

Not wanting to leave anyone out during our family weekend festivities, I made a special treat for my puppies – what I call Peanut Butter Carrot Cake. It is actually called Canine Cake in My Sweet Vegan – my new cookbook. The dogs have already devoured half of one of these cute little cakes. I think they like it.

Tonight: The dogs are going to keep my dad company while my mom and I have a girls night out. We are off to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. Ciao!


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