Yesterday’s recap: Friday the 13th. Very lucky. A Friday. The best day of the week. And the 13th. One lucky number. The number 13 appeared all over the place yesterday. AWESOME.

When I returned home from an exhausting day week, I found a special package amongst the bunch of bills, flyers and other boring mail. A lovely gift. That I got for myself. (Sometimes those are the best kinds of gifts.) And one for someone else. Who is wonderfully special. THE CUTEST, in fact. And that makes me LUCKY.

I know I have talked about this to death but I truly love the concept of a You Are Awesome poster. I HAD to get one. Just in case I forget, I have a little reminder that I am: POWERFUL and UNIQUE like a giraffe.  GORGEOUS  and  VIBRANT like the colour pink. And DESTINED FOR GREATNESS like a Kristle.

If I could get one for EVERYONE in the world, I totally would. When my family saw how beautiful my poster was, they wanted one. And so they should have one. My little Valentine’s gift to them because they are RADICAL and AWESOME and totally ROCK.

Back to today: Valentine’s Day. We started things off with a power outage which threw a wrench smack in the middle of my plans to cook everyone breakfast. So instead we went out to the Pancake House (which is going green, by the way).


Ran errands. Bought more art supplies. Visited my grandma. Had a lovely dinner. Played Brain Age (apparently my brain is “tired” and also 38 years old). Blogged. And am now ready for B-E-D.  

Happy long weekend!


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