Paint by personality


With much excitement and exuberance, Project Heart2Heart has continued into 2009 (on February 12 to be exact) with Sanela, Jerrylynn and Cassie. Now knowing so little about all of us respectively, the one thing we were able to discern is that we enjoy a colourful palette and weave a lot of our personalities into our paintings. Sanela, as all my experiences with her would suggest, brought a lot of sunshine to the palette with some hardcore primary colours and a fun psychedelic vibe. She called her painting The Raging ’70s. GROOVY. Jerrylynn, who is no stranger to art, produced a delicate and layered painting called Forest. She said she started out with a painting and it turned into a forest. What a PERFECT evolution! Cassie, an accountant (as she continuously reminded us), showed up to the session with a meticulously sketched zebra. What she didn’t know before she started was that it was going to turn out jolly rancher green with red hair. That totally ROCKS! As for me, I started out with just space and colour and ended up with a Blue Planet. The whole evening was great fun and lifted my energy level despite having such a long day. Thanks ladies!



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