Good news day


Yesterday’s recap:  It was a good news day. I woke up to the news that the Partnership has been given the opportunity to submit an article to Winnipeg Parent. And if all goes well, it could become a regular column. Exciting! But wait – there’s more! My You Are Awesome Poster proofs came through via email so I got a sneak peek at what they will look like. AND I found out that the artist just had her second little girl. Sweet!

Most of the day was spent at our Exchange Office working on website updates and brochure content. Firing off emails. Returning calls. You know, the usual. Good day. The photo is a view from above of our little patch of Arthur Street. That Canada Post truck adds the perfect splash of colour against all of the brick and snow.


(image via teatrick lavender state)

Another piece of good news came via snail mail. I received a catalogue from Sage Herb Garden and was tickled purple to see their wonderful variety of lavender plants.

Back to today: Book shopping. Don’t you love that? That’s my big errand for today. That, and getting some stuff in the mail. And then of course, there is more work to do. 🙂


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