Memory lane


Yesterday’s recap: All around a great day. Why? Well let’s see – it was a relatively balanced day. And that is ALWAYS good. I had a morning meeting to discuss Phase II of the Workplace Integration of Newcomers Project. The outcome was very positive and ensured that I have more work. Pile it on thick! Hey. I’m not complaining. Then I had all of an hour to fire off emails including one to let the Partnership Coordinating Committee know that we received funding for Year 2. Sweet! How excited am I?! After that I talked iNSPiRED PRACTiCE with Tracey who is going to develop a marketing piece for me. Somehow several hours flew by between then and the time for my dinner date. My uncle stopped by in the interim and we got to chat a bit about my upcoming nuptials…plans…accommodations…and other important stuff. I quickly realized how little I have actually done on this front. I guess I need to get moving!


Dinner was great. Massawa. Ethiopian food. Very tasty. Sanela and I finally got a chance to hang out. And her friend, Cassie, joined us for a chat toward the end of the evening. It turns out we all have a lot in common. So we’re setting in motion plans to get together again before I head back east. There may be another Heart2Heart session in the works – we’ll see! 

Back to today: Over the course of our discussion last night, I got to reminiscing about my time in Europe two summers ago. So today, for fun, I grabbed a couple of my favourite photos and poladroided them.


This weekend is going to rock. I am going to ensure I get my fill of the all important work-life balance.  Happy Friday!


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