Little monkeys


(photo via Boston Images)

Yesterday’s recap: I managed to get two little monkeys off my back yesterday. Woo hoo! Presentation to SPCW Board: done! Editorial for HR Matters magazine: done! A little voice in my head is saying, “Don’t worry. There are more to come.” But for 5 minutes this morning I am quieting the little voices in my head and blowing raspberries at the little monkeys that were on my back. Take that!

Back to today: This morning is all about sorting out details for the wedding venue: menus, photo locations, timing, budget, vendors, etc… I can hear the money draining from my bank account, as I write. My mom has sternly advised against DIYing anything. She wants me to “relax” on my wedding day. Ok. Well… We’ll see.

 I am going to enjoy the pace of today because tomorrow is going to be nuts. I’m off for a run.


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