It is written


Yesterday’s recap: Valentine’s Day. K&M style. Was. The Best. Mike and I met up at Kalendar. It is an amazing Parisian-inspired bistro in Little Italy. The ambiance is warm and inviting. The food is delectable. Quite worth the 20 minute wait for a table. We ate pasta (our favourite), drank wine, and talked about things that matter to us.


I stopped in at Red Pegasus on College before dinner because I knew of all the little shops in Toronto, they would have a beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day cards. I was right. This card spoke to me. I never used to believe that there was just one right person for you. Soul mates. No, I never bought into that. Kindred spirits. Definitely. And there are several people in my life I have felt that way about – on an emotional level (not a romantic one). But my soul’s mate? Really? Perhaps it was this belief (or lack thereof) that contributed to my squandering so many kisses on those with whom I knew I had no future. Everything changed in May 2007. And the friend that I had grown to admire and adore – somehow – without any warning, became the destiny I awoke to. It took 5 years, a 13-hour conversation and two days of Deep Democracy training to wake me up. That’s what it took. Maybe that’s how it was supposed to be.

Speaking of destiny, Mike and I left Little Italy to see Slumdog Millionaire. Best movie we’ve seen in a long time. Go see it!

Back to this weekend: I have a Book Club gathering this afternoon for us to select our first book. I NEED to get the HR Matters editorial done today. I have two proposals to wrap up and send to prospective clients. A presentation on the Partnership to prepare for Tuesday night. Packing, errands and hopefully, a trip to Pistachio.


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