Oh my darling


Yesterday’s recap:  When I woke up, I was still drunk off the high I got the evening before. A business opportunity landed in my lap. I love it when that happens! On Wednesday, I got an end of day call from a gentleman involved with an association of CEOs representing some of Manitoba’s largest independent businesses. I lucked out and got myself an invite to an exclusive luncheon to talk about…yep, you guessed it – corporate social responsibility. Booyah!

After I brainstormed about all of the various angles I could take the discussion, I realized I had a more immediate priority to tend to. I survived computer freezes, unresponsive Microsoft Outlook and having to re-write the invitation after losing my mail merge file. I finally got out the invitations for the Playing It Safe Workshops to be delivered in Winnipeg by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (a.k.a. CPCHE). Done!

I went off to an appointment at Elixir Organic Spa that I had booked last minute the night before. Relaxed, I came back to the office (which for the time being has been our dining room) to play around with more ideas and language for the editorial. In progress.

Mike and I met up for a spontaneous dinner at Domani and then built a nice toasty fire at home. He let me take photos of him while I fiddled around with my camera settings. I love the photo above. The soft expression. The smooth angles on his face. The mussed up hair. Oh my darling. I leave in four days for five weeks and I am so going to miss all of this.


 (by michelle brusegaard via poppytalkhandmade)

I am also going to miss V-Day. Also known as a BIG FAT LOVE FEST that attached women swoon over and single women dread. Mike and I have yet to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Last year I was also away. This simply won’t do.

Back to today: So today is our Valentine’s Day. I take great liberties with my holidays including switching their day as I see fit. I have done this on many an occasion so it’s nothing new but I know Mike thinks it’s loopy. He humours me anyway. I have a very romantic evening planned for us. If things go well, maybe we’ll even make it a Valentine’s Weekend. Happy K&M V-Day!


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