Then and now


Yesterday’s recap: The world was/is buzzing with the news of a new American president. I spent most of the day preparing the Partnership’s target list for the CPCHE Workshop at end of February. I had some puzzling moments in executing this task. For example, I called up the Winnipeg School Division to find out who was responsible for managing their new 5-year Sustainable Development Plan and it seemed as though no one even knew what I was talking about. I spoke to the Secretary-Treasurer’s office and someone in the Superintendent’s office but to no avail.

In between running errands, I fired off a bunch of emails. I received one about the first ever Green Committee meeting for Balmoral Hall School. I will be participating as an alum (class of 1999).


The photo above is from my first year at BH. I am the one in the middle with my head tilted and big smile on my face. I was very fortunate to attend BH for 13 years (kindergarten to grade 12) not only because of what I was offered by way of education and opportunities but also because my parents worked very hard to provide access to such things. My parents made education for me and my brother a priority. I didn’t live in a mansion. I didn’t have fancy things or all the latest toys and gadgets. Instead I got an education. I have never taken that for granted. I believe the work I do and the life I lead is a testament to how grateful I am for everything I was given by my parents. Participating on this Green Committee resonates with me on so many levels. It is so great to give back and offer something of value to a new generation of women and a school that played such a huge role in shaping my life. It’s kind of crazy to think that I will be sitting on this Green Committee with my fourth grade teacher!

I have set things in motion for my new marketing strategy – which will include an iNSPiRED PRACTiCE brochure designed by SimpleLife Designs. I am very excited about this. I love Tracey’s work. She did a great job on the awesome new Options brochure. It’s edgy yet professional and that fits perfectly with iNSPiRED’s style.

I have new work prospects on the horizon too. So yesterday I did a bit of brainstorming. I have been asked by Meeting Professionals International to potentially speak (or better yet facilitate an interactive session) on Corporate Social Responsibility at their National Meeting Industry Day on April 16. The only down side to this is that it is at 7am. Oh nelly. I figure I have several months to train myself to become a morning person.

Back to today: The big stuff today has got to be getting this invitation out and wrapping up the Options for Success editorial for HR Matters magazine. Off I go!


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