La neige


That’s right – pile it on! From my office window, I can see the snow floating down in steady streams, a little chimney -smoke puffing from its stack, white blanketed roofs and an impenetrable bright grey sky. The photo above is actually a shot from my kitchen. Our poor patio furniture is braving the winter – completely exposed to the elements. But who cares?! It’s snowing! After all the years I complained about Toronto winters – the dreary, grey, depressing, slushy, damp winters – I finally get a good one. Dare I say it is better than a Winnipeg winter? Blasphemy! I could never say that. Truly. But if I were to say something like that, I might suggest that the reason is the absence of windchill. Ok. Enough about the weather.

Yesterday’s recap: Things are chugging along here. I got word yesterday that plans are being finalized for the CPCHE Workshop in Winnipeg.(Our silent partner is starting to move a little faster. Right on!) There is food in the fridge. Website updates are in the works. Wedding venue is booked. Client wish list is in progress. An iNSPiRED PRACTiCE brochure concept is starting to take shape (although it is very free form at the moment). A few new ideas surfaced to market Options for Success’ 10th Year Anniversary. My Sustainable Procurement vendor lists got updated and new visuals for the sustainability criteria were created. On top of all that, I fashioned some fun stuff for the OFCM report. (See below.)


Back to today: I visited one of my favourite blogs Poppy Talk and found that they have featured a Valentine’s & Wedding Handmade Market. I have a real creative streak running through me so I can truly appreciate the inspiration and craft that goes into handmade items. Here’s a little sampling of my favourites.


C’est La Vie Charm from Eclectic Eccentricity


City of Love Photo from isphotography


Cuddle Cider from Chewing the Cud


Recipe Cards from The Petite Press


Wordy Butterflies from Royal Buffet


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