Back on track


It has been a few days but I am now starting to feel back on track. Being sick has a way of knocking me right off my feet. At this point I am totally OVER IT. My new year has just begun and I have no more patience for silly colds, running noses and annoying coughs. I’m DONE. It’s time to get back to my early mornings, making to-do lists (which I cherish so), bulldozing through errands and generally getting things done.

The photo above is from a few days ago. This winter in Toronto has been a “real” one. By that, I mean – less slush and more snow. Now that is something I can get on side with.

Yesterday’s recap: I de-Christmased the house yesterday. I was kind of happy to put everything away. I felt like the room needed to BREATHE. The tree was moved outside for this week’s pick-up and left a trail of pine needles in its wake. So out came the vacuum and 30 minutes later you would never have known a Christmas tree was in the house. After that, I had 10 minutes to get myself showered and dressed to attend Gerard Kennedy’s New Year Levee. Mike introduced me to a few folks there and I said hello to a couple of people I recognized. I dodged questions (or simply avoided answering them) about membership in the Liberal party. All was good.

The event prompted me to raise an issue that usually gets buried in conversations Mike and I have about Canadian politics – and that issue is party affiliation. The truly beautiful thing about being non-partisan is having the autonomy to pick and choose what you wish to support rather than having to accept it all in one big package. Equally important is the freedom one has to choose the person (that is, the political candidate or leader) over the party.  So I promised Mike that should he ever run for office under the Liberal party banner (or any other, for that matter), I would happily sign my name on a membership card. I also promised him that should I ever run for office as an Independent, I would never ask him to give up his party membership.

Back to today: I am off to get ready for my errand marathon and then some work. The rest of today will be focused on iNSPiRED PRACTiCE and its evolution. Website updates. Sustainability Report. Client wish list. Marketing. I have decided that from hereon in Mondays will be my admin day. I need to get back to investing time and energy in building my company so that’s what I’m gonna do. Time to go!


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