Yesterday’s recap: I had a lovely time yesterday with my parents who arrived on Tuesday en route home from their Euro holiday. I hopped on the King car to seem them at their hotel before meeting up with Mike for dinner. We caught up and exchanged stories. Then had a delicious dinner at Cafe Maroc (see photo) – my favourite Moroccan restaurant outside of Morocco. Keskesu (or kiss-kiss-you as I say to Mike) is a couscous dish. Yummy.

Yesterday my parents joined us at our home. My dad got the grand tour (since my mom had already seen the house when she was here in November) and we headed out in search of food in Roncesvalles Village. It was so nice to have some time with them because it is rare that we just sit and relax together. When I’m in Winnipeg we’re always running around doing stuff. Projects. Work. Errands. But yesterday we all got to behave like we were still on vacation.

After my parents took off for the airport, Mike and I buckled down and put in some serious work time. He is writing a take home exam in Criminal Law and I had an enormous amount of prep work for the Partnership to do. By 11pm the work was done and I was ready to chill. Unfortunately, another four hours of coughing and hacking was in store but apparently, I eventually fell asleep.

Back to today: Today is my first “official” day back in the office. I have one more big project to get off my plate – finishing up the Organic Food Council report. I am 75% of the way there. Sweet! After being so productive, I am rewarding myself with some Marley & Me. Even though I have seen the movie, the book was one I gave my mom for Christmas. She finished it back in Portugal (totally loved it, of course) and left it here with me. I am sure this will only continue to feed my puppy love. I want a doggie so much. Must be patient.

Ok time to move!


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