In a daze

Yesterday’s recap: Since I managed to get myself sick right before the end of the holidays, I have been nursing a very sore throat and congested sinus. I suppose it could have been worse! It seems it’s going around because my dinner plans ended up getting cancelled. Bummer! Painting was cancelled too.

Back to today: Even though I feel like I am in a daze, I am determined to get the germs under control. So that means cleaning and disinfecting EVERYTHING. I am really hoping I won’t have another night like last night . More importantly, I am REALLY hoping no one else gets sick. Mike had his first set of exams this week. Sickness and exams don’t mix too well.

I have two big items I would like to finish off today so that I can send them to clients tomorrow morning. Let’s hope I can stay lucid long enough to make that happen.


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