Food drive


Weekend recap:  After flight delays and lost luggage, I was happy to spend Saturday easing into my once again new surroundings. I was back in Toronto. Yet again. Saturday was great because we poured the “slow” on really thick. Mike took a two-hour nap in the early evening. I puttered around the house unpacking and cleaning as and when I was moved to do it. Sunday morning rolled around and now it was time to kick things into high gear for our Food Drive. Mike and I had discussed –  way back in October –  the possibility of doing a food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank around the holidays. Since I was going to be in Winnipeg up until the 19th, we kind of left the discussion unresolved. No decision was made one way or another. It wasn’t until Tuesday of last week that we finally finished the discussion and decided to move forward on it. I’m amazed at how quickly things came together. 

About a thousand houses in Roncesvalles Village were dropped with Food Bank bags attached with a letter outlining our initiative and instructions to leave the bag on front porches by 10am Sunday. At around 10:30am yesterday morning, a group of us set out to collect the bags. As we were collecting bags, we noticed that people had written little notes on our original letters, thanking us for coordinating the food drive. There was an incredibly positive response to it.


Three hours and over 2000 lbs of food later, we arrived at Fire Hall 426 on Landsdowne to drop it all off so that Food Bank could pick it up. This was not the usual expected drop off of non-perishables for the Fire Hall. (They often take the odd bag or two but don’t expect over 200 bags at one time.) They were a little surprised and somewhat discombobulated. But after a few minutes of brainstorming and coordinating, we started to unload. The photos above reflect the generosity of our community members and the fruits of our labour. Lots of good lessons were learned in the process to inform an even BIGGER and BETTER food drive next year.

Back to today: I woke up at a very early 5am with a million tasks and ideas circling my brain. I had agreed to host Christmas Eve dinner and I am suddenly feeling overwhelmed with that and the numerous other items on my to-do list. I have 72 hours to get the house cleaned, groceries bought, errands run, baking done, a trip to the mall, Christmas gifts wrapped, a trip to Ikea, and food cooked. Nevermind the fact that I still have work sitting in a pile on my desk. The good thing about that is it will still be there on the 27th when everyone awakes from their sugar snooze.

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