Snow angels


The photo above is from Nicole Hill. It looks like fun. And it reminds me of the two-headed snow angel Mike and I made last Winter when we went out to Falcon Lake.

Yesterday’s recap: Good day. Somewhat productive. I had an early meeting about the children’s environmental health workshops the Partnership is hosting in February. I got some laundry done and some packing. The packing has only been possible because I scored a great deal on luggage on Tuesday. 75% off at The Bay. One day only. Sweet!

Back to today: I slept in. I was supposed to go and volunteer at my Uncle’s school. I got the dogs up, went back to bed and didn’t wake up until 10:30am. This is a bit of a bad sign. Usually, when those things happen it means I’m run down and getting sick is just around the corner. I practically injected myself with Vitamin C this morning and ate a ton of fruit with various nutrients. I am really hoping that will keep me healthy.

I have three last work related items to get off my plate before I can rest easy. Two of which must get done today! So let’s go!


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