Holy strawberries!

Holy strawberries Batman! I’m in a bit of a jam. I haven’t had a chance to post in a few days. So much is going on. I had an interesting excursion out on Thursday which included an interesting meeting about an event taking place in May around children healing the planet. I also picked up my LoveLife magnets – so lovely. Unfortunately, after all my little jaunts here and there – it appears as though the battery on one of our cars decided to give out. So now we are one car down.

Yesterday was another crazy, busy day filled with reports and financials. Bleh! Oh and of course the all important preparing for the Options holiday open house. It was great fun! Lots of yummy food and lots of leftovers. We always get too much food. Oh well.

Today, I had to rise early to finish prepping for a full-day session that I am facilitating for the Organic Food Council. I have to bring my a-game and I am definitely feeling a little pooped. And I am running behind! Yikes! I need coffee and I need to go!


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