Something good


Everyone was talking about Starbucks today – and I started to salivate – so I had to go out and get myself some. Stat. But in my haste, I forgot to bring with me my sexy pink travel mug. Oops. Maybe it was for the best, because I got an eyeful of Starbucks festive packaging in collaboration with (RED). Do something good everyday. I LIKE it!  I LOVE the colourful packaging. Everything at Starbucks was dressed in red, green, white, and gold. I am easily amused by colourful things. Does that make me SIMPLE?

I started out my morning by doing some research for a session I am facilitating on Saturday for the Organic Food Council of Manitoba Exec Committee and staff. Lots of ideas are percolating. Speaking of percolating, I need to head out to find a replacement carafe for our drip coffee maker. The sucky thing about coffee makers is that often the carafes can crack or break. BUT DON’T THROW OUT YOUR MACHINE and go buy a new one. I know that’s what THEY want you to do but DON’T DO IT! Even if your particular brand doesn’t stock replacement carafes, often you can find a UNIVERSAL carafe that will fit. I say “do something good” for the planet.

I think the caffeine from my coffee has just kicked in so it’s time to go!


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