Yesterday’s recap: Emails. Check. Phone calls. Check. Report. Not done. A few things got done yesterday but mostly it was a SLOW day. I have a TERRIBLE headache right now and I can’t remember all of what happened yesterday. So…let’s just skip it.

Back to today: I had a great morning (except for this AWFUL headache). Went to Rouge Hair to get a “hair fix”. This was necessary because a hairdresser in Toronto who I took a chance on did a very bad job with my hair. So I needed to see ML to get my hair “fixed”.

ML is such a doll and we always have nice chats. She even gave me a little Christmas gift. I thought that was so sweet.


After I ran a HUNDRED errands, I got down to work. I couldn’t focus so instead I baked some sugar cookies. I don’t LOVE them. They’re ok. Better luck next time, I guess. I am psyched about my Christmas cards. The little gingerbread houses are just perfect. And since this year, I won’t be baking mini-gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate on Xmas Eve, this is the next best thing. I picked up another box of cards at McNally Robinson when I was there earlier. So I have more to write later.

I spent some time at the mall today. Just briefly. Looking for winter boots. Still. Why is it that the things you REALLY want that you also NEED are never available? And why is it that all the things you think are pretty cool but don’t actually need surround you in ABUNDANCE?  Can someone explain this to me? I am so disappointed that I can’t find the boots I really want. And yet there are so many other fun things I could have. But I NEED winter boots!

Here are few things I’m lovin’ right at THIS moment – that aren’t UNFORTUNATELY winter boots.

  • DIY Eco Speakers from Urban Outfitters (which I recall having originally seen via the MOMA website). I think they are SUPER cool. They would be a great addition to the kitchen. I could easily hook them up to my iPOD while cooking/baking.
  • Body & Soul Challenge 2009 from Body & Soul Magazine. I like their approach to the typical NYR*.
  • Earth Friendly Weddings blog from Earthly Affair. Very creative and inspiring ideas on how to create a memorable wedding day without taxing the planet.  I intend to steal at least a few for my own  nuptials.
  • Organic Lip Moisturizer from Di erbe. My brother bought me their Chocolate Lip Moisturizer for my birthday and I am so ADDICTED to it!
  • LoveLife Magnets from Kal Barteski. I snatched up about 5 of these beautiful magnets. Would you believe that the producers/distributors were going to landfill all of these magnets? All that money spent on MBAs and they can’t even sell a few magnets? Sad. Anyway, these things are selling like hot-cakes so if you want, get yours NOW.

I am tired. And achy. Hopefully in a few minutes I will have my Thai rice in hand and will be curled up on the couch watching The Mentalist.


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