O tannenbaum



Yesterday’s recap: I had a lot of low-key fun. I DOODLED and DAWDLED all day long. Awesome. By early evening I was ready to stretch my legs so Lassie and I bundled up and headed out. She was amazingly well-behaved. I’m sure all of the Lucky Dog Biscuits I brought with me on our trek helped to reinforce her positive behaviour. She didn’t bark. Not even once. Ah PROGRESS.

Back to today:  I made a slight exception to my 72 hour work-free zone and did a couple of hours of Options work along with a thorough sorting and purging of emails in my inbox. Then I took a trip south to Polo Park/St. James. What a ZOO! I guess others had the same idea, I did.  I had a few things to return to Artists Emporium and then went on a book shopping-spree at McNally Robinson. It took me just two hours to get a few errands off my list. Half of my time was spent trying to find parking. 😦

When I returned home, I got to help put our family ornaments on the tree. Out of the two trees we usually put up, the family tree is my favourite. Every year it is like a trip down memory lane. The ornaments that we have bought for each other over the years are truly sweet and very sentimental.




A little later tonight another Heart2Heart session will take place. I am going to be painting with my dad. Can’t wait!


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