More swoon

I was reading the LoveLife blog this morning and BOY do I totally feel like I’m in the same boat. Half empty. Half full. I definitely get that. I FEEL like people have this impression that I was put on the earth to convenience them. Sorry. No. I have my own life. My own work. My own responsibilities. Ocassionally, I even have my own fun. There are moments of GOOD though. When my heart SWOONS. Like when I called Mike yesterday because I missed him and when I asked him how he was, he said, “I miss you baby.” Swoon. Or when my puppy Khatina wags her little tail and smiles her doggy smile first thing in the morning when she sees me coming down the stairs. Swoon.

I want MORE swoon moments. Moments of OVERWHELMING ECSTATIC JOY.

Last week, I had come to a personal decision about the value of my time and consequently, myself. I guess this week that decision is being put to the test. Today, I am choosing NOT to react. There are people that I am accountable to, projects that I do believe in and time I want to have for “me”. And I still intend to deliver on those things which are PRIORITY. But the big difference here is that I will be the one determining what is a priority. I could come up with a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t ignore people and stop responding to calls and emails. But the truth is I always do that. And I perpetuate this notion that I WILL accommodate no matter what the request.

While there may be many reasons NOT to tell people to just SHOVE IT, I only need one reason to do it – ME.


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