Sunday. Back in the Peg.

I am looking forward to this week. It is the culmination of vision and hard work. I have so much to get done still but I feel confident I can manage it all. I definitely think the event is going to ROCK.

I got up earlier than I thought. Some clocks are still on daylight savings. So I brewed some hazelnut coffee, cooked up some breakfast and had quiet time with my puppies. They are as mischievous and adorable as ever. 



There is SNOW here. On the ground. And in piles. Now that is more my speed. But it is making me painfully aware of the need for winter boots. My efforts have failed. Horribly. I have fallen in love with Keen’s black-winthrop-all weather-waterproof-lined-knee-high-boots. They are nowhere to be found. I cannot find a Canadian retailer online or on the ground who has them in stock. And online retailers south of the border refuse to ship outside of the US due to a restriction on the manufacturer’s warranty. Maybe if I wish hard enough, the BOOT FAIRY will bring them to me in the middle of the night…in secret…and no one will have to know. Here’s hoping!

Tonight we are having a little in-house birthday celebration. It will be nice and low-key. A few family members will be joining us later for coffee and cake. Not just any cake though. Birthday cake. Chocolate. From Mondragon Coffeehouse. With melt-in-your-mouth frosting. Love it!

There are still a good 8 hours left in this Sunday and I intend to put every one of them to good use.


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