i heart snow


Ok time to catch up… Things have been busy.

MONDAY recap: I had some face time with mom. We had a great lunch at Tinto, walked a bit through Roncesvalles Village and toured the new house. Before she left, I gave her the Satya necklace.


TUESDAY recap: It was really cold in the office/house so I spent a lot of the day drinking COFFEE. Probably not the best idea. I managed to send out launch invites to the whole of Winnipeg School Division and get a few other items crossed off the list. I called last minute and was able to book a facial at Sukha Health Spa. Very relaxing. I was also very tired since a half a glass of wine left me sleeping through Then She Found Me.

WEDNESDAY recap: I cleaned out my inbox. Big task. All of the food orders for the launch event got confirmed. Leaving me with just the website to finalize. THANK GOODNESS! Since I drank so much coffee the day before, I replenished my stash with Timothy’s Christmas Blend. By 4pm I was cold, tired and feeling sick. A sore throat and stuffy nose sent me to bed at 10:30pm.

Back to today: It’s my birthday. At 2:46pm CST I will be 27 years young. I haven’t been too psyched about this birthday. Lots of turbulent change has led up to it and I haven’t felt very GROUNDED. But I think that might start to change. I discovered something very cool. ASK for what you want. The universe just might give it to you. I came to a realization on Monday. I almost never ask for what I want. I am always trying to accommodate and be flexible. Screw that! I’m done with that. It’s SO over!

On Tuesday night, I wished for SNOW. It started to come down last night but I wasn’t sure it would stay. (It almost never does until January.) But today I awoke to a blanket of sparkling snow on everything. i heart snow. What an AMAZING gift! Thanks so much.


It was so lovely and perfect that I had to go for a morning walk. I walked SANS blackberry, wallet and unfortunately, winter boots. I snapped some photos, smiled at the little kids excitedly playing with snow as they walked to school, stopped to bird watch, inhaled the crisp cool air and returned home INVIGORATED.



Mike surprised me with a flaming APPLE PIE and the most beautiful croissants (I have ever seen!) from Mabel’s Bakery.


We have dinner reservations at Splendido tonight. I remember the last time we were there together. It was pre-K&M. So this will be very SPECIAL. Meanwhile, I am going to turn up Beyonce’s new album – I Am Sasha Fierce – and get to WORK!

Happy birthday to me.


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