Weekend recap: This weekend like so many I found myself wishing I had accomplished MORE. Always wanting to do MORE. Well what I discovered is that MORE can be overrated. ENOUGH is truly quite perfect. After such an intense week, I had hoped to sleep in Saturday morning but then remembered that I had my Child Safety training as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters enrolment process. Although I was tired and quiet during most of the session, I actually absorbed a lot. I definitely feel better prepared to deal with any potential challenges that crop up. The best part of the training is that by getting it done before the end of 2008, it may mean that I am matched with a “Little” quite soon – hopefully, by February.

Since Mike decided to go up to the cottage on Saturday, I figured I could dawdle in the Yonge & Eglinton area (where my training was) for a bit. I stopped at Kitchen Stuff Plus, picked up some stocking holders and a tablecloth. Perfect. Then it was time to come home and get to work. I dealt with minor tasks and worked on some emails, etc… but the BIG accomplishment of the weekend was getting caught up on my BOOKKEEPING. It has been on my to-do list for….4 months. It is shocking, I know. BUT now it is done. What a relief! I even got to reimburse myself for all sorts of expenses. What could be better than that?

Christmas is coming. I really want to put up the tree NOW but no one is selling trees yet. BOOoooo. I am already prepared with my TWINKLY ornaments and SPARKLY star tree-topper. Come on people! CHOP chop!


Back to today: Today is a very HAPPY day. My mom is arriving in Toronto. We only have 3 or so hours to spend together but something is better than nothing. We will chat, go for lunch, hang out at the house. That kind of thing. Normal people stuff. It’s going to be fun. My ideas for a birthday extravaganza will probably have to wait for another day but it will come soon.  Mike’s cutting his day short so that he can come back in time to see my mom before she has to leave for a meet-and-greet with her clients. Plus I have a special gift to give that found its way from Satya Jewelry in NYC. EXCITING!

Meanwhile, I have a TON to do. Vacuuming and cleaning being at the top of the list. But I also agreed to get something to a potential client by end of day and I should DEFINITELY get working on it. I have decided that today is a day to SPARKLE so that’s what we’re gonna do!


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