Yesterday’s recap: Friday offered a series of bonuses. The day didn’t unfold as I thought it would. I had several calls planned including an important conference call with Health Canada. But things got JUMBLED up and happened all out of order. I was totally DIS-organized which I hate. Even still, I had an AMAZING day.


In the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from Jean (Mike’s mom) asking if we could paint tonight (as part of the Heart2Heart Project) because her friend, Lesia was available too. Of course, I am not one to turn down an opportunity to paint with such wonderful people BUT this also meant that I really had to get my butt in gear. So after a few minor stumbling blocks I cleaned the house, picked up groceries, and planned a lovely vegan feast – baby mediterranean tarts w/basil pesto, vegetable kamut pasta w/ fresh tomatoes and carmelized onions, and mixed greens w/ honeycrisp apple, leeks and dried cranberries and Annie’s Goddess Dressing drizzled overtop. Super YUMMY. Lesia has been looking to integrate more vegetarian/vegan meals into her diet so I wanted to show her how simple it is. A lot of our conversation over dinner revolved around food: our favourite recipes, what we ate growing up, the role food plays in culture and so on. It was really fascinating because each of us has a relationship with food that is reflective of our heritage.

Lesia shared her experience of growing up in a Ukranian household with parents who were products of an economically-depressed society and whose relationship to food was overshadowed by scarcity – lots of cabbage. Jean grew up eating very British food – boiled everything and pickled everything. My experience (up until I became a vegetarian) was with savoury fish and seafood, lots of roasted potatoes, rich, sweet pastries and so on. There was always an abundance of food (enough to feed an army) and a lot of pride taken in the food that was made.

The four paintings above is the result of our several hours together. Four – because Lesia painted two. Such a gift to have two pieces of her artwork in my home. I think she might have continued to paint well into the night if given the opportunity.

Back to today: Mike and I just wrapped up breakfast which included coffee (home brew) and mini-croissants made in-house. We like to mix things up every now and again so today we ate breakfast in the office. Why not? He got his fill of online news and I got to OOH and AAH over stuff online. Now we’re off to experience a fabulous day which will include many adventures and a much anticipated trip to West Elm in Liberty Village. LOVE IT!


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