La pintura

Wednesday and Thursday were truly catch-up days. Going from plane to couch fiasco to marthon cheering to Deep Democracy training left me totally POOPED. I needed to get back into the physical and mental swing of things. So I slept in and worked and emailed and teleconferenced and walked and cleaned.

Sergio joined me yesterday evening for some pasta, vino and painting. It was so nice to re-connect with him. He had recently been home to MEXICO and I had been off in Winnipeg, so we both share that feeling that comes from being in transition. I went through three iterations of my painting in a short 45 minutes before I finally ended up with the blue mess below. I really loved the strength and simplicity of Sergio’s painting. It leaves me feeling BOLD and CALM all at the same time. AWESOME.

Before Sergio left, I got to meet his lovely lady, Riley – who came to pick him up to go grocery shopping. So cute! They live just on the other side of High Park which is SUPER close. So I’m very excited to have another friend in the neighbourhood. I plan to get the completed 11 up on the Project Heart2Heart Wall this weekend. 

Still more to come.


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