Golden arrows

 There’s lots to catch up on so keep up…

After a busy Sunday, I had a restless sleep and an unusually early morning. I hate waking up when it’s still dark. GROSS. It seems totally counter intuitive. In a matter of an hour, I was on my way to the BMO Institute with Donna and her husband, Sandy for our Green Belt training in Deep Democracy. It was INTENSE. Really amazing.

This is my second training and third belt. The GREEN belt focuses on tools for conflict resolution. The CR method is fantastic but the toolkit is structured so that you can use some of the lighter tools to surface smaller conflicts earlier on. That way, you are dealing with minnow-sized versus whale-sized conflicts. I really like that philosophy. I also LOVED that you could use the conflict resolution process to generate positive feedback in an exercise called GOLDEN ARROWS. It’s an opportunity to say everything you have ever wanted to say to someone about all the things you appreciate about them. That’s the golden arrow. And from the golden arrow comes an insight that can help to strengthen professional and personal relationships. Speaking of personal relationships, an added BONUS in taking the Green Belt training was that I got to see my dear friend Sera (one of the facilitators). I totally ADORE her and am grateful for the few times a year I spend with her.

Since the White & Yellow Belt training that Options for Success and iNSPiRED PRACTiCE co-hosted in May, we have been working to establish a Community of Practice in Winnipeg and further promote Deep Democracy tools. This month, Options for Success Inc. has launched a NEW brochure highlighting our most innovative offerings. YAY us!

Stay tuned for more.


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