A gray matter

I got zero minutes of restful sleep last night. AGAIN. But since it’s Friday, I couldn’t be too CRANKY about it. Well that was until I was applying make-up and took a look in the mirror only to discover an UNUSUALLY light coloured strand of hair on my head. It had made a brief appearance once before, but I wasn’t sure if my eyes were deceiving me. This time I got a good look at it.

Yes, it is a gray hair. I’m 26 and starting to go gray. Well maybe that’s a little PREMATURE to say. But what a BUMMER! A bad haircut and a gray hair? Isn’t that adding insult to injury?

After my DEFLATING discovery, I got in an early morning walk, soy chai latte and shopping trip. I decided a quiet weekend at home would be more productive and relaxing than a quiet weekend at the cottage. Everyone will be at the cottage which means I get the house (and the bed) all to myself. 

I have got some SERIOUS plans for the weekend including spending a lot of it in the BATHTUB. I would love to get in a hot yoga class too and pick up some Halloween decorations. The Planet in Focus Film Festival is on this weekend so maybe I will grab some hot cocoa and head out to see a movie. Lots of POSSIBILITIES.

This weekend is all about the “calm and carry on“.


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