Yesterday’s recap: I spent the early part of the day pulling the vote and circulating voting reminders in the 6 polls located in my area. There were a lot of people who worked hard during the federal election campaign. Did it pay off? I guess it depends on how you look at it. In Manitoba’s riding of Kildonan-St.Paul, Ross Eadie finished his stalwart campaign with a 33% vote share. He earned every vote he got. I cannot – in good conscience – say the same for incumbent, Joy Smith, who was re-elected with a 50% vote share.

Regardless of your political stripes, I can only hope that citizens vote for a candidate who (at the very least) has integrity and presence in your community. It might be impossible to speak for every individual citizen in a riding (our ridings are huge and extremely diverse!). BUT I do think – as a Member of Parliament – it is your DUTY to try. Try harder, Joy!  The election was a total stinker in my opinion. A good $300 million down the tube. Good to know we have money to waste. Funny thing really. Y’know, since we’re headed full-force into an imminent economic recession. Get ready to watch inflation rates soar.

Do you want to know what else stinks? (Yes, amazingly, there is more!) SKUNK. Skunk stinks. After most of the election results were in and compared across several different networks, it was time to put our puppies to bed for the night. Lassie, in her old age was plenty ready to go to sleep. But we insisted she be let outside for a few minutes so that she wouldn’t be getting us up the next morning at 6am to go pee. Unfortunately, as the door opened a little baby skunk was waddling away after nibbling on our compost. More unfortunately, my dogs darted from the door and chased after him. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what happens when a skunk is scared. Yep, the little guy sprayed my Lassie right in the face. What followed was an hour of chaos as we tried to get the stink out of everything and everyone. That’s just NO fun at all.

Back to today: I am quickly running out of time to get everything done before returning to Toronto on Saturday. Tomorrow afternoon I am delivering my workshop to 44 participants and counting. I am really going to try to make the Change the World at Work Cafe a spectacular experience for them. My Deep Democracy training is coming up and I’m quickly realizing all I should get done before that happens. I’m wishing away my killer headache and just doing it!


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