The little princess

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Yesterday’s recap: A little birdie told me that Toronto experienced a beautiful summer day yesterday – worthy of a day trip to the BEACH. As it turns out, it was dark and rainy in the Peg but I did go to the beach – Winnipeg Beach. My uncle, aunt and cousins live out there and we all got together for a lovely Thanksgiving DINNER at Cafe Bianca in the RM of WB. I got to hang out with my adorable little second cousin, Kaitlyn. She is 9 months and growing like a PRETTY LITTLE WEED. I haven’t seen her in awhile and since summer, she has her CUTE “Calisto ears” pierced and she’s getting up and trying to walk on her own. She had a pair of black patent MARY JANES on and decided it would be fun to take them out for a test run. So we walked. A LOT. Kaitlyn, you are such a little princess!

Back to today: It’s a low key day. We have a few errands to run and lots of work to get done before midnight. Tomorrow is E-day and I’m going to spend the day pulling the vote. Looking forward to it.


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