I am in love… It came out of the blue. It was love at FIRST SIGHT.

Last week, I happened upon La Tartine Gourmand, a delicious blog created by a French ex-pat living in New England. It is just sooooo fantastic! Today her post was about her travel experiences in Portugal – Lisbon to be exact. She featured one of the most delicious pastries ever dreamed of – natas. The photo above is from Beatrice’s blog and features her own version of these Portuguese custard tarts. Super CUTE!

Mike loves to re-enact a funny little scene in our shared history specifically about natas. Picture this: Mike, myself, my parents and brother are all hiking up to the edge of Cabo da Roca on the magnificent Portuguese coast. Cabo da Roca is the farthest western point of continental Europe and located near the city of Sintra.

So we’re hiking up and Mike in his incessant yet ADORING way is saying to me, “I love you natas.” “Natas? Why do I love you so much?” So I said, “Darling, why are you calling me that?” “I’m not a Portuguese custard tart. I’m not natas.”  I paused realizing I didn’t actually know what the word meant so…I turned to my mom and said, “Mom, what does natas mean?” (That is, what is the translation.) And she says, “It means creme de la creme.” Well, that did it! After that, I told Mike he could call me natas all he wanted. It gives him SUPREME JOY to re-enact that whole conversation at every possible opportunity. Most recently, he left the whole convo re-enactment on my voicemail. Yep, he’s the cutest. He is also truly obsessed with naming me after some kind of baked good. My current official name is pie girl.

To live up to my name, this weekend I will be baking a pie. A PUMPKIN pie no less. I can’t wait. I look forward to this ALL YEAR LONG. I didn’t plan ahead so I neglected to pick up some of Williams-Sonoma’s Pumpkin Pecan Pie filling. It’s $11 a jar but so WORTH it. Without this gift from the food gods, I will simply have to make mine from some other source (Possibly, from scratch – i.e. sugar pumpkin. We’ll see!) I’ll post the successful attempt this weekend.

Happy Friday!


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