In the garden of…

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. My days have been filled mostly with work and somehow that’s not so fascinating to document. But…today is a day to make interesting things happen.

Yesterday’s recap: There were a few highlights in yesterday’s mish-mash of work, emails and phone calls. I had to make yet another call to Bell Canada and I armed myself accordingly. I no longer to piss around with customer service reps who have only been with the company for 2 weeks and know less about their policies and promotions than I do. (I have noticed I spend a LOT of time dealing with billing issues. I should just get a job doing THIS – calling companies to address billing issues and negotiate credits and discounts. I spend ENOUGH time doing it!) So the best news of the whole thing was that I managed to get a great rep who not only ensured I was credited money  but also that my services were properly bundled. And for this month’s bill, I don’t owe a CENT. Ha!

We had a few noteworthy VISITORS yesterday. First, my cousin Shane (who I haven’t seen in months) stopped by to hang out with my brother, Khorie. They are about a year and a half apart but since primary school have attended the same school and grade (different classes). So they have always been great friends and it was nice to see them have the opportunity to get together. I also got to dole out some gifts that I had brought from China for him and his family.

Much later, Patty Eadie stopped by to give us some brochures for Ross Eadie’s campaign for a drop in Amber Trails. Ross, who I had a great phone conversation with the day before, is running in the Kildonan-St.Paul riding to be our Member of Parliament. Even though I have moved to Toronto, I am still quite active in my Winnipeg community. I believe community leaders like Ross Eadie are few and far between. Unlike politicians, leaders are PRESENT in their communities. Unlike politicians, leaders DO NOT need handlers to feed them answers via blackberry during debates (shame!). Unlike politicians, leaders work in the best interest of their WHOLE community instead of PANDERING to a small influential faction. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to campaigning with Ross this Saturday in my neighbourhood.

Back to today: I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already. I took care of some BUSINESS this morning. Plus BAKED some vegan chocolate chip banana bread CAKE (I’ve decided to go with the French and call it “gâteau”) for my meeting with the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership Coordinating Committee (try saying that FAST five times!) this evening. I snapped some photos in our backyard. Hence the lovely pink geranium above. Pink is definitely the colour of October. Which brings me to a fun little scheme I’m cooking up for my mom’s birthday – October 30. (If you know her, don’t forget to send her birthday wishes!) More on this later.

Off I go to print out reports and pack up my gâteau aux chocolat et bananes. A bientôt!


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