Political terrorism

Just so we’re clear people – political terrorism is never NEVER ok! Targeting homes with Liberal candidate signs on their lawns by cutting their cable/phone wires, spray painting “L”  on their homes/garages and cutting the brake lines on their cars is NEVER ok. In fact, it’s CRIMINAL. (For crying out loud – I don’t even know where to locate brake lines in a car much less know how to cut them. WHO DOES?!)

Read this if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

You know, I am often curious about people’s values. I like the idea of looking at things from different angles. To hear how my fellow citizen views the world and what s/he holds near and dear. Living in a democracy (albeit an imperfect one) allows me the opportunity to do this without sacrificing my own opinions and values.

I grew up in a working/middle class community in the North End of Winnipeg. I am proud to say I was raised in a community of new Canadians (my parents included) – who left their homes in Jamaica, Philippines, Poland, China, Yugoslavia, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Vietnam, Guyana, Ukraine and so on – for a better life here. I often think about how much political discord existed in their respective home countries at the time they immigrated to Canada. You see, for some of these folks putting up a SIGN on their lawn is an important right they didn’t have back “home”. Or perhaps they had the right “on paper” but would have been persecuted or terrorized if they supported “the wrong candidate”. It’s not so far-fetched. It happens in countries all over the world every day. For my fellow citizens in The Maples and West Kildonan – a SIGN is a big deal. And it should be a BIG DEAL for us natural-born Canadians too. Something we should value and protect.

Political terrorism here and anywhere is absolutely unacceptable. It’s also really PATHETIC and COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. Today, it cost me about an hour of my work day and nearly a $75 re-installation fee for my TV service (I lucked out today and got a sympathetic Bell Express Vu rep on the phone who waived the re-installation fee. Thanks Rocky!). I’m betting it cost my fiancé, his brother and sister much more than that in time, paint supplies and fuel to get to Home Depot. I’m also quite sure that the potential cost to Mr. Krupowicz, one of the Toronto Parkdale-High Park residents interviewed in The Star article (and a personal friend of Mike’s), could have been his LIFE along with others.


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