Yesterday’s recap: Thursday was overall a productive day. I haven’t been sleeping particularly well so I’m not completely my energetic self. Despite that, I managed to get quite a bit done including drafting pieces of a critical grant application for YEAR 2 of the Partnership. A visit to the Forks in the afternoon was a respite from the usual eyes-glued-to-the-computer-screen. It was there – outside of the entrance to the Manitoba Children’s Museum – that I snapped this photo of the COBBLESTONE. I love how the afternoon sun sneaks across the path.

A special piece of mail surfaced the other day and I haven’t had a chance to post about it. It came all the way from a small town near Arusha, Tanzania.

It was an update on Miriamu’s schooling. On the update, it states Miriamu’s favourite subject – MATH (which is perfect because I’m sending her a bunch of number stickers). It also mentions what she wants to be when she grows up – A TEACHER. Now she is only 7 so she might yet change her mind, but the inspiration to be a teacher often means you are being taught by a good one. And that is music to my ears!  The photo is, of course, PRICELESS.

Back to today: I had a FANTASTIC morning. I headed over to Mondragon to meet up with Krys – an enthusiastic young woman who I met through Jennifer and Mike’s organization – Taking IT Global. She and I have found common ground in our desire to co-create a Hub in Winnipeg. Today, we talked a bit about our respective work – hers with the Nor West Cooperative Community Health Centre and mine with the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership – and we brainstormed and came up with new strategies to get the Hub going. SO GREAT!

Tonight it was all about searching through my recipe books for yummy sweet treats. Lots of political news today – some of which I will share in another post this weekend. Meanwhile, the US presidential debate is on and I’m going to watch it. Off I go!


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