My two dogs

Yesterday’s recap: These photos hardly do them justice but these are my two dogs – Khatina and Lassie. I’ll let you guess which one is which. They are such a blast! We went for a nice walk yesterday. I wish it could have been longer but over the course of the 25 minutes we were out, I realized that Lassie is a lot slower than she used to be. I don’t know how this happened but I guess in being away from her for a few months, I can now see the difference. She isn’t a young whippersnapper anymore. On the other hand, Khatina was bouncing around like TIGGER. She was super excited to be out walking and was practically pulling me along. It’s hard to believe since she is all of 10lbs.

Back to today: I’ve been up since 7am overwhelmed with all this work to be done. I’ve made a few smart decisions about my work load though.

I first decided that it SUCKS. Then I decided it was IMPOSSIBLE. After that, I decided it was UNNECESSARY. So I have postponed the Partnership launch until November and re-directed my energy to a few other projects that should get priority in the next couple of weeks. DONE. There is no need to run around stressed out and unhappy. Seriously. The day is already half over and I have spent a big portion of it trying to calm down everyone else around me. I am determined to make the rest of the day FANTASTIC. So a run is on the agenda for this evening and so is a BATH.

Off I go to make lemonade out of this day of LEMONS. 🙂


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