Flying cups and saucers

I love what defines GARDEN in Toronto. With such a concentration of people, homes are much closer together and frontyards are much smaller, as a result. People here become very creative in designing their front green space. Case in point: I was passing by this patch of green on Sorauren yesterday morning and was struck by the flying cups and saucers. What a fascinating idea! I’m not sure why you would put that in your garden but I totally loved that it was there.

Yes, you will find the occasional lawn but honestly, when you have so little space to work with, why would you bother with the most inefficient option. Some choose groundcover and sprawling plants. Others opt for the wildflower look – the mile-high field of flowers. This dahlia I snapped a photo of was almost as tall as me. 🙂 Our poor little square of land out front is in desperate need of a better design and some general TLC. It’s all grass and has no curb appeal whatsoever. Hopefully, next summer we can put some energy into it. For now, I at the very least have some ideas.

Yesterday’s recap: After a long day, Mike came home and treated me to dinner at Domani on Roncesvalles. It was a nice little restaurant but I was so busy talking that it took me an extra long time to eat my food. It was yummy though.

No night in Toronto is complete without a run-in with a raccoon. Actually, not so much a “run-in” but a “break-in”. The little gigantic bugger was trying to get into our house through the 3rd floor window! While Mike and I were in the office at around 11pm, I heard a scratching which I feared was a mouse or rat in our walls chewing his way through them. (This is a city of rodents and vermin so let’s just say I know these sounds and their probability quite well.) Mike and I walked toward the sound to see if we could confirm what it was. And as we stepped out into the middle of the third floor – the landing between our bedroom and our office – we see a masked face and small hands clawing at the window. He was trying to break-in and boy was he determined. (He had somehow managed to climb to that window despite their being no tree on that side of the house!)

Our third floor window (which is an old-school double pane window) is badly damaged. The outer frame is warped and the sheet of glass is nearly falling right out of the frame. It will be replaced next week but now I know how it got to be in such bad condition.  We eventually scared off ZORRO and he didn’t bother us again… We’ll see what happens tonight.

Back to today: Meanwhile, today I have one focus and only one – get the content for the Partnership website DONE! No walk or chai latte this morning. It’s all business today!


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