Fluorescent halo

Yesterday’s recap: Fluorescent halo. This is the title I gave the painting I created during an experential exercise based on the U-process. Yesterday, I attended an all-day gathering on Otto C. Scharmer’s Theory U. Many attendees participated in this module at the Ontario Authentic Leadership in Action program in May. It was a great day. Filled with possibility, excitement and trust.

It was so lovely to connect with some of the people I had already met at Shambhala but in a more intimate setting. With a small group of 12, it was possible to have one-on-one interaction and delve a bit deeper into the subject matter. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to apply Theory U in an individual capacity. But my favourite part is…

…and has always been that this approach is all about co-creation. Scharmer borrows a great line from L.A. Agenda’s Anthony Thigpenn – The key principle of all community organizing is this: YOU NEVER HAND OVER THE COMPLETED CAKE. INSTEAD, YOU INVITE PEOPLE INTO YOUR KITCHEN TO COLLECTIVELY BAKE THE CAKE. Love it!

Back to today: Speaking of baking…I am preparing to bake a beautiful vegan apple pie for my new friends Donna & Sandy. They were so kind as to invite us for dinner and since VEGA-tarian is new to them, I thought an APPLELICIOUS pie would be just the thing.

Roncesvalles Village is ROCKIN’ today. It is Day 2 of the Polish Festival and all of Roncesvalles has been closed off for pedestrian traffic only. There are food vendors, music stages and a giant sidewalk sale. It’s really HOPPIN’.

As always, there is plenty to do. So, I’d better get to it!


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