Vanilla, chocolate and raspberry

Yesterday’s recap: Another day that was busting at the seams. The GOOD GOOD GOOD news is that the venue I had wanted for the Partnership launch is available. Yes! The BETTER news is that the Partnership’s Coordinating Committee loves the idea. I don’t want to give anything away just yet (not until the deposit is in and it’s all set in stone) but I will say it’s going to be an incredibly fun launch. There won’t be anything boring or stuffy about it. After spending the whole day working on that kind of stuff, I took a little time to clean out my inbox and get a few items off the to-do list that have been on there for WEEKS. Yikes!

I had one of those eerie moments when you know the universe is possibly trying to tell you something but you’re not quite sure what it is. 

I was having a ton of trouble with my mail. First, the postman told me that people weren’t addressing mail to me correctly. A unit number was missing from the address and since our mailboxes are organized by unit and not name, he would have had to “return to sender”. Luckily, I was walking up the front steps just as he was and was able to narrowly avert this disaster. The mail ended up being the contract for my upcoming speaking engagement.

THEN, the day before yesterday I got a call from the Post station informing me that two of my letters were stopped because of the way they were labelled. The “to” and the “from” needed to be reversed on the label because the machine kept reading the “from” address as the one to send it to. The “from” address is ME! So I went down to pick up my mail and try again. After a 6km roundtrip walk, I wondered if maybe my “mail” issue was really a subconscious metaphor for something else (obviously, that I had yet to pick up on). Anyway, my and my company’s name are now on our little mailbox and I have re-organized my labels to reflect Canada Post’s labeling guidelines.

After all of that, I couldn’t help myself so I stop[ed for some cupcakes at a new shop in Parkdale – called YUMMY stuff. It looked like such an inviting and colourful store front amid a run-down block in the neighbourhood. So I picked up one vanilla, one chocolate and one raspberry cupcake for me and the Foderick boys. YUMMY indeed.

Back to today: I seem to have less time to do everything I need to today because I slept in. Oh well. There are a whole bunch of items to fax and mail today, more Partnership work to do, the new Options brochure to edit, a few more pages to read of Theory U for tomorrow’s gathering and MORE website stuff. I do get to have some fun today though. I’m going to meet up with my buddy Quentin for drinks this evening. It will be great to catch up!

Ok time to go. First stop – Timothy’s for a Chai Latte and then the post office….AGAIN.


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