The butterfly effect

Yesterday’s recap: WILD. Yesterday was just wild. There was so much to accomplish. I had cleaning to do, an annoucement for the Partnership, Partnership website stuff, personal website stuff, emails flying back and forth, downloading, uploading and offloading. But it ALL got done. HALLELUJAH!

I was so happy to see Jen as she walked through the door. She is one of my favourite people on the planet and I feel especially lucky that we can spend time together. She has an intense schedule and does a lot of travelling for her work. And I’m in and out of the city myself so sometimes it’s hard to get us both in the same room at the same time. But BOY is it great when we are finally together. 🙂 Mike went to pick up our Thai food for us (so sweet. thank you, darling!) while we sipped some wine and had a good chat. Then Mike gave Jen the grand tour of the house and after a nosh, we picked up our brushes and started.

We each contributed colours to the palette and then both worked from those, mixing and changing them as we wanted. With both of our paintings, they evolved over the course of the time. Jen started out wanting to paint an insect which later turned into a tree. I started out with my canvas covered in a soft mint green which now just peeks out from behind so many layers of intense colour.

Eventually it was time to go. Jennifer’s Mike came to pick her up but they couldn’t leave until we had a photo of the two of us and another grand tour. 🙂 I was BOUNCING off the walls with excitement after they left the house. I guess you could say I had BUTTERFLIES. I can’t wait for Part DEUX of Project Heart2Heart. Who will be next?


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