Isn’t it funny how some things will grow anywhere? This photo is of one of 4 pansies growing out of our 2nd floor balcony. We have a ton of moss growing along the perimeter of the balcony and these pansies right in the middle – coming up through the planks. There is something about it that makes me feel a bit more like this is my home.

Yesterday’s recap: What an awesome day! I TOTALLY obliterated my to-do lists for Friday and even got started on some of next week’s tasks. Nothing was going to get in my way. Everything is working like clockwork.

The highlight of my day was heading over to Scooter Girl to pick up some goodies for Miriamu. I got a sweet letter from her in the mail on Thursday and didn’t want to waste a minute. So I picked up some stickers, funky erasers and a small colouring book to send. I was hoping to head out last night for a run but I really HOOFED it on Thursday night’s 5km run and my legs were a little sore. So instead, I got to veg out a little with Mike, popcorn and a movie.

Back to today: I guess I must have worked so hard these last couple of days that this morning my brain and my body just wanted to sleep in. I had made plans for today – to go to the Vegetarian Food Fair – but things were shifted around to allow for a little more FREEDOM. So that will happen tomorrow and instead today, I had a slow-going morning. I drank some tea, ate some wholesome cereal, watched a little tv… Mike came back close to 2pm from his morning helping constituents complete their citizenship applications. It is a noble thing to do. And I’m glad he was the one doing it because you couldn’t have dragged me out of bed at 8am this morning for ANYTHING.

Then we had lunch at Tinto. I got a haircut at Tangerine (I’m not so happy about it…), and chatted with my mom. I found out I got a much bigger tax credit (thank you Canada Revenue!) than I had initially planned on. Sweet! Half of it was earmarked for the wedding fund. I suggested that the other half be spent on a new couch and some chairs for our dining room table (which is still being re-furbished). Mike said, “Hey, I’m ready to go out and spend that money today!” I get the feeling we’ll be making a stop at Ikea tomorrow. However, tonight, Mike and I have a date with the Distillery District.

Even with my bad bangs, I really can’t complain. Life’s good.


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