I found this while I was perusing a favourite blog – Poppytalk. The art is courtesy of Chris Piascik and the quote was picked up from a book called The Artist’s Guide to Making Money (which could just as easily be called The Environmentalist’s Guide to Making Money). Well la-dee-da. Look who’s been bustin’ her hump since she was 19. So can I cash my chips in now for a little love and adoration? Probably not, eh? What a sobering thought.

Yesterday’s recap: My Labour Day Monday was spent doing all sorts of things I didn’t really want to do but had to. Such is life. Despite it being beautiful, sunny and the first day of September, I wasn’t very inspired. I had an even more challenging evening. I felt frustrated, emotional and powerless. I would have rated the whole day a 1 (at most!) until…. Mike started to make up silly stories of what might transpire if we ever tried to elope (given that I along with many other members of my family are ill-equipped to keep secrets). It was funny and mostly true. I held onto Mike and laughed so hard. Finally the storm cloud that was following me all day had disappeared.

Back to today: STUFF got done today. I did some updating of the iP website content which now has to go over to my brother to technologize; put up a few pictures/degrees/awards around the office/house; got serious about my finances; spent 30 minutes on the phone with Bell and SUCCESSFULLY switched our services over to one bill; fired off at least a dozen substantive emails; and cooked up a fantastic thai coconut curry dish.

Tonight I heard all about Mike’s boring first day of law school which he claims resembled undergraduate Frosh Week more than anything else. Wearing jerseys and yelling out cheers is fun when you’re 18 and just starting out but by the time your 27, you’re it’s just plain old. I guess I’m not the only one with a “been there, done that” attitude.

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. And I’m determined to make it a good one. Til then.


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